Acer 3VSII Head only


Acer 3VS/3VK Replacement Head.

ACER E-mill replacement milling head Bridgeport/Proto TRAK, R-8 Spindle, 3HP



USED ACER 3VS Head only

R8 Spindle and Draw Bar included.

Frequency Drive Variable Speed Spindle. Great for Tapping. Smooth running.

No more crappy movable pulleys, Bushings plastic keys. Just a V-Belt

This will fit on Any Acer 3HP Milling Machine, Bridgeport 2J Mill. (Step Pully, 1-1/2HP & 2HP Machines)

Check Bolt pattern below.

220 Volt 3- Phase (Will not work on 440)


Why Repair? Replace it Cheaper!!

Replace with ACER Trouble Free Inverter Drive

E-mill™ Head

(fits Bridgeport and most Taiwanese imports)

Motor: 3 HP
Frequency Drive:5 HP
Power requirement: 220 Volt, 1 or 3 phase power
Rotational speed:0-4500RPM
Spindle Taper: R-8
Quill Travel: 5″
Quill Diameter: 3 3/8″


Quills are chrome plated and ground.

The milling head gross weight is 450 lbs, net weight is about 300 lbs.

Made in Taiwan.
Electrical Cabinet With Inverter & Resistor Included


10 Great Reasons to Go E-mill™

  1. Highly Efficient 3 HP Inverter Motor for high torque output
  2. N.C. Vector Type 5 HP A.C. Frequency Drive
  3. Infinite 0-4500 RPM Constant Spindle Speed, Change In No Time (0-4 Sec.)
  4. Run on Single or Three Phase without changing the wiring
  5. Low Maintenance & Down Time Cost Because No Plastic Insert, Key & Moving Pulley
  6. No R.P.M. Changer Break Down, But Accurate Reading On R.P.M. To Prolong Tool Life
  7. Electronic & Mechanical Brake for fast spindle stop
  8. No Belt Slippage for highly efficient torque output
  9. Boring & Tapping Application
  10. Save Energy Cost Up to 35%

New Today. $4,250.00


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